Baby Stuffs

Little Lamb Cradle n' SwingMy parents purchased the Fisher Price – My Little Lamb Cradle n’ Swing for us just before my second son was born.  This swing was so wonderful to have as I didn’t have one when my first son was born.  I used to hold him and carry him around all the time!  Fast forward to child number 2 and I needed a swing!  As much as I’d love to carry my baby around all the time, my 2 1/2 year old demands a lot of attention too and I needed to put the baby down.  So, this is the swing I got!


  • The padding and plushness of the seat are great.  It is so soft and comfy feeling.  I’d like a chair made out of this!
  • This swing is perfect for a newborn!  It lays nearly flat so that you don’t have to worry about your child slouching forward or to the side.  It also does have 3 seat positions if you have an older infant that you’d like to have sitting up a little bit more.
  • My son has really enjoyed watching and grabbing at the mobile hanging overhead (which also rotates in a circle).  He also likes the domed mirror in which he can look up at himself.
  • The swing allows for side to side or head to toe swinging and has 6 speeds.
  • There is also a tray that snaps on and off of the swing with some toys attached for your baby’s entertainment.
  • There are about 10 songs and nature sounds to play as well as volume control for those sounds.
  • The battery life on this swing was pretty decent.  I can’t say exactly how many hours a round of batteries lasted, but in 6 months I probably replaced them 3 times.  So, I felt like I didn’t change them too often.
  • The swing folds up for storage which will be great when I’m ready to put it in the attic until it’s ready to be used again!


  • The motor is pretty loud on it.  When I first turned it on, it kind of shocked me at how loud it was.  But this has never disturbed my newborn while he was sleeping; it probably actually helped to block out the noise made by my 2 year old son!  We eventually got used to hearing it, so it didn’t bother us for too long.
  • The straps used to buckle your child in are pretty short.  At  7 months old and about 17 lbs., my son still fits in the seat okay, but the straps seem tight around his waste… and that’s with them pulled out the whole way.  I don’t think he’ll be fitting in the seat for too much longer.  I’m not sure why they made them so short, but a little longer would be nice.

Overall Opinion

Like I said at the beginning, I didn’t have a swing for my first son and that worked for me.  But I needed one for Baby #2 and this swing was a lifesaver for me!  The loud motor bothered me at the beginning but I eventually got over that.  This swing was great for my son and he slept in it a lot in the weeks after he was born!  Now that he’s an active 7 month old, he doesn’t use it too often.  But for the time that it was used regularly, this was a good choice of a swing!